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Exploring public and private funding opportunities for Edvanced


Author: Kenji Look, Managing Director for Strategy 2022-2024

Our Client:

Edvanced is a social enterprise established in 2019 with the mission of creating digital solutions for NGOs and charities to maximise their social impact and to allow for these organisations to thrive in a digitalised world.


The Challenge:

The client had previously applied for several funding schemes, but to no avail. There was a misalignment between the expectations of external funding organisations and the compatibility of Edvanced’s services among the countless social enterprises in Hong Kong. With the dire need of a sustainable source of funding to expand operations and to minimise the reliance on Edvanced's parent organisation, Juvenate played a key role in identifying suitable funds for Edvanced.  


Our Work:

Firstly, by examining current funding schemes in Hong Kong, through various data touchpoints, Juvenate was tasked to pinpoint specific funds by carrying out the following tasks:

  • Macroenvironmental analysis – Identifying Hong Kong’s current funding landscape on a macro level, by researching the values and purposes of different organisations and evaluating the funding provided either synchronous to the rise of COVID-19 or a long-standing funding available to different organisations. 

  • Comparative analysis – Exploring and contrasting public and private funding schemes through adopting a ranking system that evaluates schemes based on a variety of different categories, such as but not limited to, sustainability, mission alignment, etc. 

Secondly, Juvenate provided recommendations towards the funding applications submitted by Edvanced, which included:

  • Analysing past applications submitted by Edvanced and suggesting solutions based on reasons of rejection provided by funding organisations.

  • Suggesting high-priority funds that Edvanced could be involved in based on the comparative analysis.


The Results:

  • Compiled a spreadsheet with details of public and private funding schemes and provided a recommended application priority for the client.

  • Carefully selected a limited number of funding programs deemed most suitable for the client with detailed guidance on the application process.

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