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Collaborative project with Innovation x Business (CUHK) and Cyberport - writing a business report for AESIR HK

CASE STUDY | Good Growth

Our Clients:

In this collaborative project with Innovation x Business (IxB), a student-based research group from the Chinese Univeristy of Hong Kong Business School, we were tasked to write up a business report for AESIR HK, which is one of the many fintech (financial technology) companies within Cyberport's community.   

  • AESIR HK: a social enterprise aiming to enrich the learning, social connection, and well-being of people with special needs through augmented reality and virtual reality technology.    

The Challenge:

In writing a business report, it is crucial to understand what our client wants and what they hope to achieve through said report.  As consultants, we also have to determine whether there are any additional information we may wish to include in the report--information that can further assist our client in getting their desired results.

While there are many types of business reports, the one we were tasked to write leans more on the side of an investor report (to know more about business reports, stay tuned for our upcoming Articles!)  

What information we have to consider including within the report then became our primary challenge and task. 

Our Work: 

The main difference between this project and others done in the past is its nature.  Collaborative in nature, the level of communication it entailed was higher than usual.  Moreover, considering there were more hands on deck this time, the need to adhere strictly to a timeline both internally and externally became all the more relevant and important.

In completing our task, our consultants, alongside with IxB, followed a close schedule of:

  1. researching on AESIR HK and brainstorming potential interview questions with its founder, Mr Ernest Chan

  2. interview with Mr Chan

  3. writing process of the business report 


Having completed our interview, our consultants and students from IxB determined to include the following elements into the business report:

  • An analysis of the market including:

    • SEN students;

    • Hong Kong's education sector;

    • Virtual and augmented reality products​

  • AESIR HK's:​

    • Opportunities for growth;

    • Long-term goals; and 

    • Potential challenges

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