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Recommending structural and content amendments and data visualisation for Good Growth’s report

CASE STUDY | Good Growth

Our Client:

GoodGrowth is a research and design firm that aims to accelerate the adoption of sustainable and ethical diets in Asia through market research and service design.


The Challenge:

The client aimed to publish a qualitative study regarding the future of plant-based meat in the Chinese market. Survey research has also been conducted by the client. In order to make the study’s findings more concise for industry players in the Chinese plant-based meat market, they wished to establish a coherent structure for their report and include data visualisations complemented by the quantitative survey results.


Our Work:

First, we reviewed the structure of the existing qualitative study published by the client through:

  • Benchmarking to other published reports that are related to the Chinese plant-based meat market. 

  • Comparing other published reports based on their research methodologies involved and the order of presenting their respective findings.

  • Identifying opportunities where the client’s report can be amended based on the similarities and strengths of the structures across other published reports. 


Second, we determined the insights for visualisation and made suggestions on the content amendment by: 

  • Analysing the results from the existing qualitative study and survey results to identify existing synergies and contradictions, as well as insights that were unsupported by any evidence. 

  • Extracting data that was deemed useful for industry players to produce visualisations. 


The Results:

  • Tailored detailed recommendations for the report’s structure that includes both qualitative and quantitative findings 

  • Designed and formatted the presentation style of the report based on the client’s needs and wants.

  • Provided recommendations on the content amendment to eliminate bias, and increase the validity and reliability of the report.

  • Produced easily-understandable data visualisations for the findings that were deemed most significant for industry players in the Chinese plant-based meat market.


Check out the report here: 

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