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Community Garden

Building community farms - Evaluating a long-term corporate development opportunity for a Hong Kong-based agri-prop social enterprise

CASE STUDY | HK-based Agri-Prop Social Enterprise

The Challenge:

Juvenate consultants had to assess the potential for the client to venture into the property development and revitalisation area of modern and urban agriculture to expand their influence as an advocate of greener lifestyles.


Our Work:

  • Advised on target customer segment for penetration by considering factors including market size and potential, profitability, and brand alignment

  • Conducted a cost and feasibility study based on available data sources on the internet

  • Researched potential regulatory and operational barriers based on government reports, consumer behavioral studies and industry reports, including but not limited to, license registration and waste management

  • Analysed the competitive landscape accompanied by high level overview of competitors’ business models

  • Compared different seed suppliers and assessed their fit with the client’s business model

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