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Performance Evaluation Strategy for sports foundation InspiringHK

CASE STUDY | InspiringHK

Our Client:

InspiringHK is a sports foundation which aims to provide a variety of sports programmes to underprivileged children and youths

The Challenge:

The client has been using their own assessment framework (STEPS!) in measuring their programmes’ effectiveness and impact, and wished to further refine it


The client also expressed the desire to explore better ways in presenting the data they have collected in a more cohesive, attractive manner 

Our Work:

First, we determined our client’s target audience:

● Beneficiaries (children and youth)

● Parents of beneficiaries

● Potential and current sponsors


Second, we analyzed whether the STEPS! framework is easily understood by the public, reliable, credible, and widely utilized through:

● Referencing research and academic papers

● Doing case studies on local and foreign NGOs


Third, our team further boosted the accuracy of STEPS! data by providing suggestions on improving their survey’s design by:

● Refining the definitions of certain terminology

● Providing alternative mediums (eg. online, tablets)

● Increasing survey attractiveness to children (eg. use of stickers, colours, and images)


Finally, we determined the best charts and presentation styles through detailed communication with client and case studies on various NGOs

The Results:

• A detailed proposal with a range of cited references and resources for client’s future use and understanding

• A refined assessment framework for the client's future use in all programmes

• Improved data presentation, using a tailor-made demonstration of charts--created with data provided by the client

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