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Developing a geographical market entry strategy for THEdu Academy future growth and expansion

CASE STUDY | THEdu Academy

Author: Prima Chan, Managing Director for Business Development 2022-2024

The Client:

THE Education Academy Group Limited (THEdu Academy) was established in 2017 and it now becomes one of the fast-growing academic centers for international curricula, including IB, IAL, IGCSE, SAT, ACT, AP, and Junior Enrichment. THEdu aims to nurture achievers around the world, regardless of your abilities, race, religion and background.


The Challenge:

The client wishes to explore opportunities for future growth and expansion in different geographies. Juvenate had to help answer the crucial question in a market entry strategy: What markets should the client enter?


Our Work:

We examined the potential of various markets of entry with two main hypotheses:

  • Chosen markets have favourable market landscapes with a large market size, high growth potential, low market penetration, low barriers to entry and non-stringent regulatory requirements

  • Chosen markets have favourable competitive landscapes that reflects high profit potential from a more fragmented market and high potential to build customer loyalty

  • Chosen markets have favourable cultural factors in the supplemental educational landscape that aligns with the client’s existing capabilities and operations in Hong Kong.


The Results:

We embarked on a 4-week project journey with THEdu’s, offering recommendations based on certain areas:

  • Comparative analysis across prioritised markets. Comparisons included demand and supply conditions, competitive landscape, growth potential, go-to-market strategies (covering product, place, price and promotion), tuition culture and relevant operational costs when entering

  • Developed a brief timeline of possible entry, as well as ideas for a leads generating campaign based on our research

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