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Developing a branding strategy, content marketing recommendations and B2C marketing promotion plan for Verdantli

CASE STUDY | Invisible Co.

Author: Kenji Look, Managing Director for Strategy 2022-2024

Our Client:

Verdantli is a social enterprise with the mission of incorporating sustainable alternatives to hotels without sacrificing luxury by offering sustainable products such as eco-friendly room amenities and utensils. 


The Challenge:

The client had an established LinkedIn and Instagram page as their main promotional channels, however, there was a lack of consistency and message behind the wider social media strategy and it was evident that Verdantli would have hoped to achieve more with their current platforms. There was an immediate need to refine both their social media and branding strategy.


Our Work:

Firstly, to examine the current situation regarding the social media pages under Verdantli, Juvenate was tasked to conduct an in-depth study of Verdantli's branding impact using various data touchpoints and external sources. 

  • Competitive analysis - Externally, specific competitors in the same sustainable products industry were chosen and analysed to gather "good case practices" and the social media strategy behind such posts. 

  • Comparative analysis - Looking internally at the different social media channels, a comparison was made between the qualitative and quantitative effect of each channel to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of each channel.

  • Macroeconomic analysis - a study was conducted to analyse the market size of the hospitality, airline and food industry to extrapolate the potential target market for Verdantli's social media strategy


Secondly, Juvenate provided recommendations based on the research gathered. 

  • Drafted over 15 posts in a social media timeline including design remarks and hashtags.

  • Developed a social media strategy for the short term and long term goals

  • Suggested a design guideline for branding consistency

  • Refined the preexisting branding strategy and reinforced the key message that Verdantli hopes to promote to ensure it resonates throughout the social media strategy

  • Explored an expansion strategy for the wider use of social media functions.


The Results:

  • Created a report detailing the social media timeline and content suggestion.

  • Developed a presentation refining the branding strategy

  • Drafted a design guideline 

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