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Seeking public and private funding for Verdantli

CASE STUDY | Invisible Co.

Our Client:

Verdantli is a social enterprise established by a group of experienced hotel operators that supplies environmentally-conscious products for hotel properties of two main categories, F&B products and Room amenities.


The Challenge:

The client wished to receive public funding from appropriate funding schemes by the Hong Kong government. The client also wanted to pitch to venture capitalists for private funding. Feedback was provided from the VC, and the client wished to further amend their current pitch decks based on the comments provided.


Our Work:

First, for applying to government funding schemes and pitching to venture capitalists, we identified the public and private funding sources that best fit the client’s requirements through:

  • Extensive research on available funding programs regarding their purposes, target enterprises to be funded, eligibility, their respective application process and previous successful applications for reference.

  • Comparative analysis of the benefits and limitations of available funding programs and determining which program can help the client maximize the programs' benefits

Second, we provided recommendations on how the client can improve its current pitch decks:

  • In-depth research on pitch decks made by other companies and conducting benchmark analysis on the strengths in their respective pitch decks.

  • Gap analysis to identify opportunities where the client can make its current pitch decks more appealing to investors.


The Results:

  • Compiled a spreadsheet with details of public and private funding schemes and provided a recommended application priority for the client.

  • Carefully selected a limited number of funding programs deemed most suitable for the client with detailed guidance on the application process.

  • Provided detailed and tailored recommendations on further amendments to the client's pitch decks.

  • Through Juvenate's intervention, Verdantli has received pitching and investment opportunities from different incubators and investors.

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