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Improving Invisible Co.’s order processing efficiency through automation

CASE STUDY | Invisible Co.

Our Client:

Invisible Co. is an alternative packaging social enterprise that produces the #INVISIBLEBAG to replace conventional plastic. Their products are water-soluble, landfill biodegradable, compostable, proven to be non-toxic, environmentally safe and does not contain PP, PE, PS, PVC plastics. Building upon their sustainable and responsible products, it aims to create a community based on authenticity and fairness, while educating and pioneering environmental change.


The Challenge:

As a rapidly growing startup, Invisible Co was seeing a huge spike in demand for their products at the time and required a more automated solution to improve order processing efficiency. This would in turn allow them to focus on providing the best services for each customer, and further their mission of building a community to inspire behavioural change. We were tasked to develop a new order processing strategy.


Our Work:

First, we identified the key capabilities needed by Invisible Co. to implement required amendments by:

  • Formulating a working hypothesis to provide a foundation for our direction of research and analysis.

  • Mapping out the status quo order management process to analyse the existing order processing system.

  • Conducting preliminary secondary desk research based on initial parameters identified in the existing system and adjusting the working hypothesis accordingly.


Secondly, we identified the available products offered in the client’s target market and their functionalities by:

  • Conducting extensive research and competitor analysis on potential substitutes with regards to price point, subscription structure, payment systems, inventory management system functionalities, storefront functionality, customizability, and integration capabilities between solutions offered.

  • Conducting matrix analysis to identify the optimal solution that will fill the gaps identified in the existing order management system, while considering the possible price points of the final solution and the integration capabilities between solutions


Thirdly, we implemented the optimal solution after obtaining the client’s approval of our recommendation by:

  • Collaboratively working with the management at Invisible Co. to map out implementation goals during in-office catch ups and sprint sessions.

  • Developing prototype solutions in key areas, such as stock keeping units, order management, inventory management, back-end bookkeeping, with on-going discussion with the management for fine-tuning based on feedback received.

  • Clearly documenting the work flow of the implementation process for future employees of the client to be able to follow a single play book to repeat the process we built.


The Results:

  • Constructed a repeatable order management system that automates a large portion of incoming orders with less human intervention than the client’s previous system, touching upon areas related to accounting, inventory management systems, elementary coding, SKU systems and much more.

Check out their online shop here:

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