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Curating strategies on developing Invisible Co's (previously Distinctive Action) online presence and value proposition 

CASE STUDY | Invisible Co.

Our Client:

Our client, Invisible Co., is a startup company aiming to introduce sustainable, biodegradable bags in hopes of  reducing  our reliance on plastics.

The Challenge:

As a new startup, the client is keen on better consolidating their online presence, particularly on their social media platforms (eg. Instagram) and company website on Wix. Additionally, they wish to have a better grasp on the sustainability metrics and business trends within the plastic industry.

Our Work:

Accounting for the vast work that has to be completed, our team first separated our work into 2 main streams and divided our labor accordingly:

  1. Value proposition and research on business sustainability 

  2. Consolidating and providing insight on Distinctive Action’s online presence 


Since the work in both streams require a good grasp on our client’s values, mission, and business operations, our team first began the project with a focused, structured interview with Invisible Co’s founders.  This was to ensure that our insight and suggestions, particularly on their social media posts, would be relevant and in line with Invisible Co’s values and branding.  


In order to ensure that our insights regarding the client’s website holds value and credibility, our team created an online survey.  This allowed us to collect a vast number of opinions in a short period of time, which also proved beneficial in convincing our client to adopt our suggestions.  

The Results:

  • Provided an online proxy of Invisible Co’s website with suggestions added

  • A detailed, substantiated  research regarding sustainability metrics, business practices and the plastic industry

  • A unique, well-formulated social media plan for Invisible Co's future posts


The variety of deliverables presented by the team in our weekly meetings really proves Juvenate’s capability, skills & flexibility to support our project.

It has been delightful for us to cooperate with such like-minded youths and yielded substantial results.

We have been positively impressed with the level of commitment, passion, and effort the Juvenate team has devoted to helping our startup achieve simple but meaningful elements

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