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Website revamp, proposing methods for carbon footprint calculation, and

developing a social marketing campaign for Earthero Studio

CASE STUDY | Earthero Studio

Author: Prima Chan, Managing Director for Business Development 2022-2024


Our Client:

Earthero Studio is a sustainable and ethical clothing brand established by one of our previous clients, Earthero, to tackle the serious issue of huge wastage of offcuts and surplus fabric within the fashion industry. Wear Earthero produces in small batches to not only ensure the quality comply with its standard of excellence, but also maintain minimal carbon footprint and uniqueness of each piece.


The Challenge:

The client has created a website for selling its clothing products. However, they wished to finetune the user interface of their website to enhance the user experience. 


Additionally, the client also wants to assess the environmental impact of its production processes to increase its credibility as a sustainable fashion brand, but was unsure on how to accurately achieve this.


As a newly established sustainable clothing brand, the client also wanted to develop a social media marketing campaign to promote their products and attract publicity.


Our Work:

First, our consultants provided recommendations for the client’s website revamp by:

  • Analysing the features of the client's existing website and identifying potential issues where user experience is negatively affected.

  • Discussing with clients to clearly define the brand’s mission towards sustainability as part of content amendments.

  • Researched for sample websites for benchmark analysis to recommend amendments on the client’s existing website regarding UI/UX design.


Second, we proposed suggestions for the client to assess its environmental impact by:

  • Carefully evaluating existing Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Software for the client to continuously assess its environmental impact.

  • Conducting research on existing methodologies for calculating carbon footprint of enterprises and evaluating their relevance to the client’s business.


Lastly, we planned and developed a social media marketing campaign by:

  • Conducting research and detailed analysis of successful marketing campaigns by other fashion brands.

  • Benchmarking a potential social marketing strategy for the client and identifying gaps for additional elements based on successful marketing campaigns identified.

  • Extensively researched and developed marketing content with regards to the brand’s mission, products and positioning.


The Results:

  • Provided detailed recommendations of the amendments to be made for the website revamp with regards to improving the visual appeal, enhancing user experience and content presentation.

  • Compiled a list carefully evaluated LCA Software and methodologies for the client to assess its environmental impact.

  • Provided sophisticated short-term planning for social media content to be posted that are relevant to the client’s business area.

  • Proposed a framework and comprehensive recommendations for the client to develop a long-term social media marketing strategy for their brand.

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