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Compiling a database for environmental sustainability education and corporate training material for Earthero

CASE STUDY | Earthero

Author: Prima Chan, Managing Director for Business Development 2022-2024

Our Client:

Earthero is a creative solutions company that advocates sustainability via environmental consultancy, selling environmentally-friendly products with a focus on sustainable fashion, and promoting environmental education and awareness.


The Challenge:

The client wished to launch a database which would act as an “Environmental Encyclopedia” providing corporate training material to promote environmental sustainability within the fashion industry. However, they were unsure of the content to be included for corporate training.


Our Work:

Upon discussion with Earthero, we have decided to conduct research on three main areas for corporate training: (1) sustainability issues in the fashion industry, (2) solid waste management, and (3) Environmental policies and regulations in China. We produced corporate training material:

  • Conducting extensive research to collect quantitative and qualitative data with detailed analysis for a structured overview of the three main areas. 

  • Evaluating the information collected to ascertain that the final materials produced would be relevant for corporate training.

  • Organising weekly discussions with the client for review to collect suggestions for further research on certain content regarding the three main areas.


The Results:

  • Provided sophisticated research on all three aspects. Information collected is compiled into three separate data files, with clear tabs and headings for later reference.

  • The data collected has been used for creating corporate training decks and publicizing contents for sustainability education.

  • Positive feedback has been received from Earthero. Our client appreciated the work of our consultants, and is willing to work with us for another project.

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