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Developing a social media marketing and branding strategy and product personalisation recommendations for Dress Green

CASE STUDY | Invisible Co.

Author: Prima Chan, Managing Director for Business Development 2022-2024

Our Client:

Dress Green is a social enterprise start-up that promotes sustainable development by designing sustainable products and services,  repurposing waste into resources, and empowering individuals and communities. Their flagship programme, UNI Green Series, is a series of souvenirs made of old uniforms. The products include UNI Bear (i.e. a bear wearing old uniform that is resized with our crafting capability to fit the bear), pencil bag, tote bag, pouch shoulder bag, fisherman's hat, and cushion etc.

The Challenge:

The client established LinkedIn and Instagram pages as their main promotional channels. However, there was a lack of internal capacity and planning in a consistent social media strategy. There was an immediate need to refine both their social media and branding strategy that could tell Dress Green’s story in a comprehensive and compelling way.


Our Work:

Firstly, our team conducted an in-depth study regarding Dress Green’s current position in social media in terms of competitive advantages in content design, brand, and core services.

  • Competitive analysis - Externally, specific competitors in the sustainable fashion industry were chosen and analysed to gather "good case practices" and the social media strategy behind such posts. A comparison regarding the types of content and their respective strategies were analysed

  • Comparative analysis - Looking internally at the different social media channels, a comparison was made between the qualitative and quantitative effect of each channel to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of each channel.


After understanding Dress Green’s ownership advantages, specifically in branding and core services, we identified opportunities for content marketing by considering Dress Green’s mission, target audience (students and corporates) and specific products. Alongside, we also identified potential opportunities where Dress Green could better tailor one of their products, the UNI Green mascot doll, for each customer, as increasing personalisation would establish a more engaging relationship with their target audience.


The Results:

  • Developed social media optimisation recommendations that enabled consistent content posting across Dress Green’s existing social media channels.

  • Proposed recommendations for greater personalisation for UNI Green whilst considering potential opportunities and risks involved.

  • Developed a storyline for Dress Green’s social media content posting by segmenting content into different categories.

  • Recommended content suggestions that would better establish Dress Green’s brand using their mascot and core services.

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