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Rethinking employee engagement for social enterprises

CASE STUDY | Social Ventures Hong Kong

Our Client:

Social Ventures Hong Kong (SVhk) is a social enterprise oriented around investing, incubating social startups which address various urban social issues in Hong Kong

The Challenge:

As a social enterprise, our client is well-aware and concerned about Hong Kong’s current employee engagement situation

 We have been tasked to come up with ways in rethinking employee engagement--specifically, what are the current trends, why have they come to be, and more importantly: how to improve said trend?

Our Work:

First, we identified  the main employment trends in Hong Kong:

● Youth 

● Women

● Aging population


Next, we determined which one of these trends can best be tackled through various programmes in sectors such as education and business. By pinning down youths to be our most workable group, we then moved on to explaining the current trends, as well as proposing potential programmes SVhk may bring forth through the use of:

● Qualitative research and resources provided by both local and international companies

● Questionnaires

● Interviews with local brands and companies


Finally, we curated a programme targeted specifically towards the youth, bridging the gap between education and business sectors, whilst providing detailed features and benefits of said programme

The Results:

• Provided detailed analysis on Hong Kong’s current employment trends amongst the youth (ie. Gig economy)

• A unique, detailed presentation on the programme SVhk may consider adopting in rethinking youth employee engagement

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