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Developing a market entry strategy to the DE&I consultancy services market for Encompass' service portfolio expansion​

CASE STUDY | Encompass

Author: Prima Chan, Managing Director for Business Development 2022-2024

Our Client:

Encompass HK offers training and consulting in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and diversity and inclusion, to help alleviate some of these inequality problems in Hong Kong and Asia. Encompass conducts different introductory and advanced workshops to help organizations to better understand and implement their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


The Challenge:

Our client hopes to firmly expand into their DE&I consultancy service area to expand their service portfolio and foster more long-term client relationships. Our client would like to understand the competitive landscape and potential clients for DE&I consultancy services in Hong Kong in order to refine a benchmark business model and strengthen market positioning after evaluating and building necessary capabilities.


Our Work and Results:

Our team had two phases of deliverables for the client consisting of the following items

  • Market segmentation of potential clients and their respective market size to evaluate the market opportunity for DE&I consultancy services

  • Detailed comparison of existing competitors and their business models to identify opportunities and threats to our client’s expansion, as well as the necessary capabilities to expand successfully based on competitive benchmarking and SWOT analysis

  • Strategic initiatives to develop existing client relationships to introduce consultancy services to them and reach out to new prospective clients

  • Redefining Encompass’ positioning strategy in the DE&I consultancy service market

  • Evaluation of risks and mitigation strategies associated with the proposed strategic initiatives

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