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Pitch deck advisory and Key Performance Indicators for performance evaluation for Rise Wise Foundation

CASE STUDY | Rise Wise Foundation

Author: Prima Chan, Managing Director for Business Development 2022-2024


Our Client:

Rise Wise Foundation (RWF) is a new Hong Kong-based registered charity that supports low-income families with SEN (Special Educational Needs) children. Their mission is to ensure that all SEN children, regardless of social class, have accessibility to required services and opportunities for them to succeed in today’s society. They aim to achieve this with efforts through both their for-profit side (Rise Wise Limited) and charity. RWF has two core services: AAI Children-Parent Programme and Dog Therapy.


The Challenge:

As a newly registered charity, RWF requires sufficient funding to support their operations and achieve their mission. The client has drafted pitch deck and wishes to further refine them to better convey their organisational and social value. Additionally, the client wants to establish certain metrics that can measure and evaluate their organisational performance.


Our Work:

Juvenate’s team segregated the project into two main workstreams: Pitch deck recommendations and formulation of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for performance evaluation.


For developing recommendations to improve the client’s pitch decks, we first acknowledged two core elements that make a pitch for fundraising convincing to potential investors and donors: (1) Organisational value and (2) Organisational sustainability. Our team adopted a design thinking approach from an investor’s perspective to aid the identification of improvement gaps in the client’s existing pitch decks.


Second, we formulated KPIs with reference to the 5 key performance objectives from the 5P model: Quality, Dependability, Flexibility, Speed and Costs. Our team prioritised objectives that were most relevant to the client. We ensured that the indices were SMART, sufficient and comprehensive enough to offer a holistic overview of the client’s organisational performance.


The Results:

Our team made recommendations for the pitch deck with detailed guidance on amendment through a slide deck. Our recommendations covered the following areas that made a persuasive pitch deck:

  • Pitch deck structure and storytelling

  • Conciseness of the presentation 

  • Visualisation of data and necessary elements, including the use of tables and charts, personas, positioning maps, timelines etc.

  • Short-term and long-term organisational goals 


For the KPIs, our team developed a list of 13 SMART KPIs, along with information regarding their definition, calculations, data collection, interpretation and target-setting instructions.

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