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Developing a go-to-market strategy for the Zubin Foundation's fundraising project 

CASE STUDY | Zubin Foundation

Author: Prima Chan, Managing Director for Business Development 2022-2024

The Client:

The Zubin Foundation is a Hong Kong-based NGO that aims to improve the lives of Hong Kong’s ethnic minorities by reducing suffering and providing opportunities. We do this through outreach work and driving systemic change.


The Challenge:

Our client was about to launch a fundraising merchandise for Christmas. Christmas Crackers are table decorations that are pulled by two people at Christmas parties and dinners. Thereafter, a small gift will drop out of the cracker. Our client was at the final stages of finalising their go-to-market strategy for the cracker and requires support for formulating a promotion and place strategy for this short-term fundraising project. 


The two questions Juvenate had to address was: 

  • How can we ensure that the most potential customers are fully aware of the Christmas Crackers and our client’s impact-driven intentions?

  • Where can the client sell the Christmas Crackers that would most easily reach their most potential customers?

Our Work:

Based on the defined problems above, a foundational challenge to address first was to identify the Christmas Crackers’ target customers. This was done through segment analysis based on last year’s Christmas Cracker fundraising campaign by interviewing our client about the customer profiles. With target customers in mind, our team formulated promotion and place strategies by:

  • Conducting needs analysis and understanding the value proposition for the Zubin Crackers potential target consumers 

  • Exploring and evaluating the opportunities for external collaboration

  • Establishing a stronger positioning strategy of the Zubin Cracker through social media

  • Exploring physical and online channels that are easily accessible and popular to the Zubin Cracker’s target market


The Results:

Our client was able to sell all 30,000 units of Christmas Crackers, and the money raised was used for funding the Zubin's Family Centre for low-income ethnic minority SEN children's therapy, mental health counseling for adults and children and women's skills development.

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