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Developing funding proposal for the social enterprise IMCreative


Our Client:

IMCreative is a social enterprise that provides art education courses for underprivileged children.


The Challenge:

• Our client wishes to apply for funding from the government to launch a new art education program, in collaboration with a local primary school

• The client has identified the Quality Education Fund as a viable option, but lacks the resources to conduct market research and write a persuasive proposal to apply for funds

Our Work:

• We conducted research on a number of key areas, including: funding criterion of the Quality Education Fund, academic research on the benefits of art education for children, other organizations that ran similar programs across the globe, the current state of art education in Hong Kong

• After collecting data sources and market research information, we collaborated with our client to draft a proposal based on the content of their art education course

• Content of the proposal included planned timeline of the course, predicted outcomes based on academic research, proposed methods for evaluating the success of the program, and the program’s contribution to future research

• Presented course information in a way that delivered key points to meet the Quality Education Fund’s funding criteria, while at the same time respecting the privacy and sensitive information of our client

The Results:

• A detailed proposal for the art education program was written, which is adaptable for future needs of our clients

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