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Formulating a step-by-step strategy for the digitalization and marketing of Hong Kong
School of Design 

CASE STUDY | Hong Kong School of Design

Our Client:

Established for over 20 years, our client, the Hong Kong School of Design (HKSD) is a professional education institute which provides quality and practical training on design.

The Challenge:

Having observed  the trend of digitalization, HKSD was primarily invested in the discovery of online opportunities for them to expand their business and promote their brand to prospective students.

Furthermore, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was also a pressing need for HKSD to adapt to the methods of online teaching.


Our Work:

In terms of digital marketing, our team first identified the area most relevant and impactful to HKSD’s success in marketing, advertisements.  Our team thus devised a strategy to improve HKSD’s online advertisements and marketing by:

  • identifying HKSD’s main target audience

  • developed advertisement specific for custom audience groups

  • analyzed media platforms of HKSD’s competitors in introducing a more dynamic platform

In terms of the digitalization of HKSD’s  physical design courses, our team first determined which courses can be most easily digitalized by:

  • interviewing HKSD’s alumni and current students, whilst

  • providing a calculation on said online courses’ profitability and pricing, in addition to any additional cost

The Results:

  • Provided detailed analysis on our client’s online media presence and marketing effectiveness (ie. reach and impact in advertisements)

  • Devised a detailed strategy on improving client’s marketing effectiveness and impact

  • Devised a detailed proposal on the digitalization of our client’s services; whilst providing constructive analysis on its costs and profits

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