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Girl Painting in Art Class

Developing a marketing campaign for art studio CreativeKids’ event

CASE STUDY | CreativeKids

Our Client:

CreativeKids is an art studio that has teamed up with a major design school to organize an event promoting design thinking for children.

The Challenge: 

Our client has been using traditional media to promote its event, and wanted to improve publicity of the event further by launching an online marketing campaign.  Since most of the client’s advertisement budget is already used on conventional methods, the campaign had to be launched with a small budget.  Our task was to provide consulting advice on ways to further the impact of CreativeKids' marketing campaign.  

Our Work: 

We identified three key opportunities for online publicity for the client: social media through Key Opinion Leaders (e.g. Facebook, Instagram), online magazines, and popular blogs in Hong Kong.

For each area, dedicated members from the Juvenate team reached out to identify potential opportunities for cooperation:

  • For KOLs on Instagram, we emphasized that the event was free of charge and for a good cause, as it raised public awareness on a cutting edge concept that may be of particular interest to parents who wanted to train their children’s creative thinking

  • For online magazines, we chose specifically a parent-child magazine and emphasized that reporting the event would boost the its prestige, establishing its reputation as a magazine that reports the most cutting-edge concepts in education and design in Hong Kong

  • For blogs, we reached out to blog owners and invited them to be special guests for the event. We picked blog owners who were interested in art and design to deliver the maximal impact

The Results: 

  • Social media coverage improved by over 50%

  • Exceeded event attendance goal by at least 20%

  • Carefully curated multichannel marketing system:

  • 4 posts on Instagram

  • 2 posts on Facebook

  • 1 post on a expat blog in Hong Kong

  • In depth interview on a major parenting magazine with manager of the art studio

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